Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Shy of Fifty

Just submitted a couple more stories this morning, and as I was updating my submission log, I noticed that I had 49 submissions for the year–just one shy of fifty. I must say I’m pretty proud of this. I currently have eighteen out, and I’ve had two sales for the year, so you can do the math and see how many rejections there have been. (Full disclosure, some of these submissions were in late December, but that’s when I started the submission log)

I’ve read lots of different ways that writers deal with rejections, and now, after making this whole thing a rote process, I have to say that I really have no need to deal with them at all. I just pick the next market and submit again. And at one shy of fifty, I have to say that this is the most I’ve ever submitted at any point before. As I’ve said here before, in the past I’d submit a few, and then fall out of the habit. That was a bad thing, and I hope I can say that I’m out of that now. I don’t want there to be a time now that I don’t have at least some stories floating out there in submission.

And I have to say that what has really helped me in this endeavor is keeping track of things. I now have a spreadsheet for keeping track of submissions, as well as tracking the daily word output for my writing. It’s a fun thing to update each day. I’m proud as I see the numbers rise, and these spreadsheets keep me on track, both in my writing and submitting goals.

It’s good to be organized.

Write On!

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