Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flash Fiction Frenzy

It’s been a week of flash fiction frenzy. Not only have I been writing it like crazy, but I just got word that in addition to the two pieces that sold last week (Annie’s Book and Nikki Comes Home) to Every Day Fiction, I’ve sold a third to Weird Year. It’s a little piece called During The Eclipse that deals with myth, religion and the nature of belief, all in about 650 words.

Yes, that’s why I love flash fiction. You can seemingly pack so much into such a little space, it can really pack a punch. And it is often what you don’t say, but only hint at, that often leaves the most impact.

I think writing flash is a great exercise for a writer; one learns a lot about brevity and being succinct, and using one’s words to their greatest effect. I’m also glad the form has grown as popular as it has, because I enjoy reading it. It is almost the perfect format for the fast-paced, please-me-now world of the internet.