Thursday, June 30, 2011

Writers of the Future

Just got notice that I've received an Honorable Mention for my story In Black Mourn I in the second quarter of this year's Writer's of the Future contest.  This was my first time to enter the contest, which is perhaps the largest in the genre, so I am happy to start off on such a good note.  I plan to continue to enter each quarter until I either win, or get enough pro sales that I no longer am eligible for the contest. 


  1. Congratulations! And great goal! I've wanted to do the same but often found myself without something ready to go out at the quarter deadline. That's changed now. I have a small bank of stories that are either done or nearly there. It's a great contest and a great opportunity. One of my '10 Odfellows just got second place for the quarter that ended Dec 31--and he had the same plan. It worked out well for him, I'd say. :)

  2. Thanks, Eileen. I agree. It is a great opportunity. I've read blogs from several winners and it seems like an amazing experience. See you friday!