About Me

I’ve been something of a writer all of my life. When I was still too young to read, I made up my own stories to go with the pictures I found in books. Then, when I finally figured out how to make words appear on a page with a pen, I started writing them down.

I wrote my first ‘novel’ in fourth grade, a sci-fi piece about a planet that is about to be destroyed by a supernova, and its people must find a new home. In an ending eerily similar to Battlestar Galactica (but predating it by a year or two) they find Earth.

My novel and story attempts grew more frequent through junior high and high school, and I completed my first serious attempt at a novel at age nineteen. It was a standard ‘Tolkien knockoff’ that young fantasy fans are wont to do, and it was of course, terrible. But it was a great learning experience, and I picked up a great deal of writing discipline from the effort.

In college, I majored in English, and this was probably both helpful and hurtful to my career goals of being a writer. Mostly helpful, but of course college English departments often have a way of throwing a wrench into the best laid plans of a would-be genre writer.

After five years of college (and I did finally get that degree) I found I had need to support myself in some manner, and I ending up working in a career in aviation–worlds away from my English roots. It provided a good income, however, and a chance to travel and see the world, and live some life.

I have now recently retired, and am devoting myself to writing full time. I have begun to see a modest bit of success, a great deal of which I owe to my attending the Odyssey Writing Workshop during the summer of 2011, which greatly honed my writing skills.

I currently live in Texas with my wife and two cats. I travel to Maine frequently, which I consider a second home, and I would like to have a place there some day. My interests other than writing include cooking (check out my food blog), brewing homemade beer, traveling, skiing, baseball, playing guitar and avoiding yard work whenever possible.