In The Works

Listed below are a few of my novels that are in various states of creation.

Euro Spree

Jake Vaughn discovers adventure, new friends and romance on his first trip to Europe.  (Current State:  Third Draft Complete.  Genre, Mainstream, Travel Fiction)


Faith Caldwell, the daughter of a prominent Televangelist, is pursuing a successful singing career when she meets and falls in love with Aaron Webber, a confirmed atheist. Complications ensue. (Current State: Rough Draft. Genre: Mainstream)


In a dystopian near future, Chloe Oliver is accused of a crime she didn’t commit. She is tried and convicted, but instead of a prison sentence, she is implanted with a behavior modification chip which controls every aspect of her life. (Current State: Outline. Genre: Science Fiction)

Winter’s End

In a world beset by an unending winter, an escaped slave, a circus dwarf and a beautiful courtesan unite in an unlikely alliance to battle for their own survival.  In the process they stumble upon a mysterious stranger who holds the key to ending winter...and the recovery of their entire world. (Current State: Rough Outline. Genre: Fantasy)

The Fairies of Maine

The lives of two couples and a widower intertwine with the world of Faerie during their stay at the mysterious old Brandywine Inn in Maine.  The proprietors of the Inn, as well as many of the townspeople, are not always what they seem in this subtle exploration of life, love and belief.  (Current State:  Outline Complete.  Rough Draft in Process)


A Civil War novel depicting the bitter rivalry between two guerilla outfits and their leaders, Champ Ferguson for the Confederacy, and Tinker Dave Beaty for the Union, as well as a young man, Elias Owen, caught in the crossfire.  Set in Fentress County, Tennessee, and based upon my own ancestry.  (Current State: Research.  Genre: Historical)